We invite you to walk together the day by day of the harvest at
the Heredad Segura Viudas joining the growth cycle of the vine
and the harmonies that are generated in this privileged place
within the forthcoming weeks.

18 November 2015

Malvasia does not surrender.

Our vineyards still keep their attractive in November, so both we and the visitors can enjoy them. 
While most of Penedes areas are getting ready for pruning, those parcels where our Malvasia has grown and matured, offers now a colorful picture, thanks in part to latest rains and this summer that doesn’t seem to finish its season. 

In the winery, the harvest 2015 rests in a small stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures, where it receives the treatments to become the best expression of the soil and the variety that it represents.

This Malvasia will have plenty of possibilities in the future… But this will be another story.

13 October 2015

First harvest.

Weather was threatening of rain, so harvest began a bit earlier to prevent any problems that it could cause to grapes. On the first week of September, Malvasia variety was collected in those parcels at the sorroundings of Sant Cugat Sesgarrigues.

As grapes had the perfect balance of sugar, pH, acidity and taste, oenologists at Torrelavit had made the decision to collect those 5000 kg of Malvasia in little boxes and press them in small machines at half capacity as to get the best possible must. Once in the winery, this grape juice will be carefully treated; tests and analytics will be, during next year, evaluating all the potential of this variety.

27 August 2015

Looking for the right balance.

In late August the malvasia continues to concentrate its efforts on maturity. Luckily, the weather has played in our favour and has made out wettest August than usual.

Thanks to these rainfalls throughout the month, the vineyard is best placed to harmonize the behaviour of the malvasia and the goal we pursue. For this variety reaches the desired balance should be a number of conditions that can not be controlled 100%.

The lush vegetation that we have kept on the plants and the usual summer sun has joined the rains of August and the breeze to air the fruits. All matches for the grapes to be true to his nature and slowly mature to achieve the desired balance between alcohol content, acidity, maturation of the skin and seeds, and finally the tasting of the winemakers who will decide the day of vintage.

7 August 2015

Malvasia is becoming sweet.

When the earliest varieties start to be harvested, in the plots of Sant Cugat Sesgarrigues our Malvasia just shows the first signs of maturation. The maturation of the grapes starts with those closest to the ground and they already show slight changes in colour, clarity and feel. The hardness of berries disappears due to the transformation of internal acids into sugar.

This year a poor harvest is expected due to the youth of the vines, production variability of Malvasia and lack of rainfall throughout the year, however the lush vegetation of the strains indicates the exceptional quality of its fruit.

From now on the visits of winemakers will be very often to sample the fruit ripening and decide the right moment in which to harvest. The secret is in the desired balance of taste, sugars, organic acids and health of the grapes.
The forty days that tradition says they should spend from veraison to harvest put us in the second half of September. We will see what happens this year.


6 July 2015

Summer attentions.

In dry years like this, the constant monitoring of vineyards evolution is key to preserve the harvest until vintage time. In early summer all varieties are well formed and the plant devotes its latest efforts to the growth of the berries before the start of the ripening and maturation. In this harvest, the lack of rainfall in the Penedès still present and traditional cultural works such as baring become fundamental to ensure the health of the grapes. Removing the leaves below the bunch help cluster ventilation and avoid the accumulation of moisture between the grains, minimizing the threat of disease and chemical treatments.

In a few days veraison will arrive and with it the ripening. Hopefully the weather is kind to us.

8 June 2015

Accelerated flowering.

The speed it takes nature never ceases to amaze again. Just ten days after posting the first chapter of this season, our Malvasia has already blossomed. Sebastià warned us that the vigour of this variety will give us an accelerated impression of this harvest but we didn’t think his description could be so much closer to reality.
We also know that productivity of these strains may differ significantly from one harvest to another. This year it doesn’t seem to have too many clusters. The youth of the plants and the nature of Malvasia make us wait a few days to do the first estimation of the harvest.
Until then we leave you with the delicacy and fragility of these tiny flowers, full of hope and submitted at the same time to numerous threats on the long road that still has to harvest.

Remember that the content of this harvest in social media could be followed through the hashtag #vineyarddiary. See you soon!

21 May 2015

Malvasia starring in 2015 Vineyard Diary.

Today we present the first chapter of 2015 Vineyard Diary. This year our annual tour around the vineyards of the Heredad will be starred by a vigorous and aromatic grape variety with great potential: Malvasia. The result of a journey that begun in 2010, in “Adorable Malvasia” you will be approached to details and evolution of the 2015 harvest of these grapes planted just outside the town of Sant Cugat Sesgarrigues.

As always in our video channel of youtube you will also find all videos for this season. The content on social media it can be followed through #vineyarddiary.

17 February 2015

We could not have a better start.

The 2015 harvest is on its way and the last snowfall put us in a desirable position to face it. It’s commonly said that “a year of snow, a year of gods” to summarize the benefits that snow brings to crops in general and to the vineyard in particular.
The fluffiness of the soil it’s perceived just walking a few steps into the vineyard. Our winegrower Sebastià Raventós explained to us that this is due to the humidity of the snow plus the low temperatures, thus the slow absorption of water when thaws.  On the other hand, the accumulation of snow in the vineyard ensures the cease of the plant growth. This will mean a beneficial rest of the plant while reducing the future impact of pests.

As you see, we could not have a better start for the season. Also, this year, you will experience the birth of a new wine in Vineyard Diary, but you will have to wait until the first chapter is released. This will be soon, promised.