Our way to understand
the world of wine.
To build one of the most awarded Spanish brands in national and international tastings is not a matter of being lucky or in a hurry.  As well as in the vineyard, it is the result of a baggage of respect, innovation and improvement, which we are particularly proud of.

When in 1954 Segura Viudas gathered the evidence of lands that today form the Heredad, we already knew the centennial agricultural tradition that took place and some references of the vestiges that their walls were hiding. Evenly, we were aware of the value a privileged emplacement like that could pass on to the cava and wines.
50 years later we still being loyal to that foundational view: a view guided by the consistency and respect for the land, the landscape and the history that integrates the latest scientific knowledge in an environmental sustainable plan. Just so, we understand we can create the cava and wines in harmony of the Heredad.

Millennial History

The origins of Heredad Segura Viudas should be searched around the XI century, in the middle of the Reconquista.
The most accepted hypothesis today takes us to these lands belonging to the Monastery of Sant Cugat. Around that period is documented a land transfer of the Abad to Gerald Alemany to be able to build a tower defence to ensure the position achieved in battle, the Galimany Tower. When in XII century hostilities ended in these latitudes, agricultural uses began to take leadership.
La masia (typical Catalan rural house) we observe today is the result of the different uses it has had for more than 10 centuries and a closer look is required to help us to understand what we can see today.

Preservation of biodiversity

Making cava and wines in harmony will not have any sense without a chance to know, catalogue and promote the biodiversity of the Heredad. In that sense, so many years ago we carried a study of the biodiversity of an ecosystem that has been developed over centuries of grape growing around the river Bitlles.

However, we don’t have enough only studying. We want to promote all this knowledge closer to the wine tourism enthusiasts to this natural wealth. The birds that visit us during the winter, the flowers that dress the vineyard in spring, the medicinal uses of wild vegetation or the fishes that live in the river are some examples that we show to our visitors; as we know that without understanding our heritage it’s difficult to value the cava and wines in harmony.

Sustainable viticulture

In our determination for biodiversity comes the concern for sustainability in the growing vines. The relationships that are established between the diverse forest areas of the Heredad and the things that happen in the vineyard has direct influence to the place as a whole.

In that sense, for example since 2010 we allocate the wood of the winter pruning to generate biomass, with an equal energy value to the annual consumption of heating oil in the Heredad. On the other hand, we fight against the plague grape moth with mating strategies.


The innovative spirit is what brings us closer to a future in harmony. Innovation is the engine that moves us and the challenge that pushes the Heredad to a wine culture where the vine care goes far beyond its productive purpose and no effort is spared in each bottle to integrate traditional cultural work, the landscape, the flora and fauna that have shaped our history and that, after all, are also responsible for the excellence of our products.

It is time, therefore, to build on the attributes that we can incorporate into our wines and cava when we become aware of the characteristics of the landscape, of the uses of herbs that line our roads and fields, birds that go along with the grower while styling or the wildlife that visit us during the harvest nights.
A diverse mix of attributes that make up our wines with a unique personality and at the same time, perpetuating themselves the legacy we have inherited and projecting a future in harmony. This is our desire. This is our choice.

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