Segura Viudas
Rally of Nature Photography
During 24 hours, with the full range of lights
that one day provides, we invite to capture
natural treasures hidden in the Heredad.

This type of activity, which began on spring 2013, aims to show the reality of an ancient ecosystem with a rich landscape and biodiversity of high natural value, that represent one of the four pillars of Segura Viudas brand identity.

Once the time competition was over, participants downloaded more than 15,000 photos as verification and authenticity. Later, from their homes, they could edit and choose five pictures they wanted to participate with in each of the competitive categories of the rally.
In total, 250 photographs the jury select the 50 pictures that, in their opinion, best reflected the purpose
of the rally.  See below the selections of the jury:



Selección jurado #rallySV13


Selección jurado #rallySV14



Selección jurado #rallySV15


The beauty and originality of submitted images confirm the success of this innovative competition and also verify the landscape and natural wealth of the privileged position of Heredad Segura Viudas.