Grand Prize Segura Viudas of Nature Photography 2016 | Ferran Grau i Escur

Photography shows
Segura Viudas’ essence.

No, it is not. This is not the typical contest where participants present their best photography, that one taken in a lost place of our wonderful planet. Ral·li Segura Viudas of Nature Photography is further more demanding for images' creators and here it is precisely the best place to show who’s capable of taking an attractive picture in a “normal” landscape and under the pressure of a limited time. Evaluating about 250 pictures every year has never been an easy task, but we have to admit that this 2016 has been an especially complex year. The judging panel cannot always make the selection through great and wonderful pictures. Actually, participants can only dedicate a morning, an afternoon and maybe an evening time to take their pictures. There is also the handicap of a limited space to save the photos, because the memory card given by the organization is just of 8GB. On the top of that, the photos can only be taken in the landscape of Segura Viudas, in Torrelavit. These specificities are for judges to be aware of the special circumstances that participants have to face at the contest before taking any decision.

23 June 2016

Here there are the final results for this year contest:

Grand Prize Segura Viudas of Nature Photography: Ferran Grau

This photography of a common bee-eater overflying the vineyards is all what this Segura Viudas contest looks for. It shows the biodiversity of this place, some vineyards around and the image is taken with certain difficulty and dynamism. The work at the vines is integrated with the environment. He took advantage of the soft light given by the clouds to create this image of green tonalities where the reddish and yellow colors of the bird stand out strongly.
First prize of the category Flora (Rafa Torralbo) | Finalist of the category Flora (Oscar Buhigas)

First prize of the category Fauna (Esteve Garriga)

Finalist of the category Fauna (Joan Carrasco)

First prize of the category Landscape (EloiOmella)

Finalist of the category Landscape (Joan de la Malla)

First prize of the category Rain (Oscar Buhigas)

Finalist of the category Rain (Ignasi Pellisa)

Special Prize “Mirada” is for Susana Cobos
The special price, “Mirada”, one of the new categories at this edition, recognizes a collection of 5 pictures that shows the best argumental line and a personal style of the author. This year, the winning collection shows pictures shot at taking advantage of the special weather condition given by the soft light of those cloudy days.

We had our say last year and we have to say it again. Between the four categories (landscape, fauna, flora and special), landscape is still the one that offers poorest results.
We observe here a smaller participation and an exaggerated treatment of the image. We have to admit that this year’ climate didn’t contribute on giving special lights for the shots, but the uniform lighting given by the clouds could have been exploited in different ways. It’s a must to say that this year, moreover, the landscape was greener and more bloomed than previous years and this would have been a good opportunity to take advantage of.
You can see the selection of winning pictures in our flickr account.