limodorum abortivum | Heredad Segura Viudas

It's time to discover
the flowers of Cava.

Leaving the cold behind, spring is finally bringing us its most precious and colorful offerings. Flowers flow the cellar and its environment, painting everything with a rich palette of vibrant and thrilling colors. Red poppies, bindweeds, gobularias, lilies and even delicate orchids live together in harmony with the vineyards, all along the months of April and May. For a few unique weeks, flowers claim the field margins and bloom proudly —offering postcard-like views to all the guests of the cellar. There is a vital and close connection between flowers and vineyards, as they are one of the most effective tracking indicators of the soil's health and quality, and thus give us valuable information for taking care of the delicate vines all year long. Moreover, flowers, like butterflies, have an important role as a bio-indicators, and our biologist keeps constant track of them to discover every detail of Segura Viudas estate's environment and effectively preserve its biodiversity.

19 May 2017