Wine tourism & biology | Heredad Segura Viudas

Add a biologist
to your visit...

... and you will feel a better wine tourism experience.

Faithful to our strategic plan of wine tourism quality, we introduce you to Ricard, an enviromental biologist who from now on will guide your nature visits in Heredad. Truly convinced of the importance of including this professional profile to our guided tours, we have found a person that will introduce the visitors to the  nature wealth of Heredad. Next to Ricard, you will enjoy a different experience depending on the time of the year you come visit, or what nature elements are the main actors on that moment: mushrooms, migration of birds, wild fruits, wildlife, bird feeders, flowers and ruderal vegetation or fish and reptiles will become the core of our nature walks. Not forgetting about the vineyards and their growing cycle. Also in this area, the knowledge of a biologist will help to know it better about the harvest and winemaking of a product that can be tasted during the visit to the Main house.
This visit costs 30 euros for adults and 15 euros for visitors under 15. Children under 7 gets free access. Booking through our contact form in this website.

10 December 2015