We invite you to walk together the day by day of the harvest at
the Heredad Segura Viudas joining the growth cycle of the vine
and the harmonies that are generated in this privileged place
within the forthcoming weeks.

20 March 2014

End of journey for 'Creu de Lavit 2013'.

Winter comes to the end and the 2013 Creu de Lavit wine has finally been done. During the months between now and the harvest, the wine has fermented and evolved in barrels and tanks. Lees removed, barrels and tanks tastings have been constant until winemakers found that the wine reached the features that must have this tribute to the Penedès and to the old xarel·lo vines with which has been made.

14 November 2013

October harmonies

In a year in which the harvest has been delayed an average of 15 days, the agitation of the weeks of October has been high. In just four weeks, the grape that started the month still in the strain has already been transformed into a wine that evolves in the silence of the cellar.
Detail each of the stages the grape goes through and the must that will become into Creu de Lavit 2013 wine is represented on this chapter. Meanwhile, in the vineyard, a new natural cycle is about to start with the winter rest of the strains.

10 October 2013

September harmonies

The month of September has been staged by the peculiar features of this year. Temperatures have remained cool and the xarel·lo of the old wine vineyard Creu de Lavit has been slowly ripening for a long time. The tastings the winemakers and oenologists have been making during the last month of the harvest have allowed us to continue following in detail the evolution of the clusters and witness all the nuances of the pulp, skin and seeds, contributing as a whole.

Finally, on 30th of September, it was performed the last tasting and was determined that the grapes gathered all the features that this variety must provide to the wine to be made.

15 September 2013

August harmonies

August has been staged by the typical summer calmness but high daytime temperatures and cool nights. Ten degrees has been the difference between the day and night that has helped the xarel·lo ripening from old vines of “La Figuera”. This stage started around August 12th with the veraison, the transformation of the grape internal acids into glucose. From that moment, the careful attention of the clusters retook a role that will not end until the day of harvest. Later on, the veraison reached the 100% of the clusters and the grapes could properly start the ripening period.
Creu de Lavit wine requires a long and smooth ripening for the grape to develop as a whole, with skin and seeds, to reach the desired balance by the winemakers.
In that sense, apart from the good temperatures, one of the strategies that help to lengthen the ripening and to enrich in nuances of the grape is the presence of vegetation. This is the reason why during the pruning were allowed more leaves on the vines to provide shadow to the clusters. So they are protected from the direct sunlight that would accelerate the ripening of the grape.

1 August 2013

July harmonies

The warmest period of the year cause accelerated growth of the clusters in a few weeks in which tradition holds that the grape has fever and should not be touched. These are weeks of intense observation of the evolution of the clusters. Still green, these fruits are subjected to the threat of diseases and pests, and the winemakers must ensure the good health of the fruit daily.

The risks of high rainfall accumulated over the past months have been compensated by the rise of temperatures; increase hours of sun and the Mediterranean breeze. Beneficial result of this combination, the xarel·lo bunches from ‘La Figuera’ parcel show healthiness with all conditions for a long ripening allowing the grape progress slowly until the day of harvest.

16 July 2013

June harmonies

The chapter now published is dedicated to the harmonies that took place during the month of June, with the aim of transmitting the relationships there are between the daily work with the history, viticulture, biodiversity and innovation.
The almost exclusive role of this chapter is to one of the most critical periods of the harvest, the four weeks in which the grapes go through the stages of flowering, fertilization and fruit set, especially in a year meteorologically cool and wet like this 2013.
In “La Figuera”, where Creu de Lavit wine is from, the weather has been great with the grape and on the second half of the month, the sun, temperatures and wind helped optimal fertilization of xarel·lo bunches.

16 June 2013

May harmonies

We devote the Vineyard Diary chapter of May to the important cultural work this month. Especially when the accumulated rainfall is closed and it’s already been accounted for the 2012 harvest. The pruning to eliminate the unplanned outbreaks during the winter pruning; the first count of grape bunches and the first harvest appraisal; the outbreaks clearness to adjust production from the strains to the wine which grapes will be used for; and removing the leaves below the clusters to, among other things, mitigate the presence of moisture in the grapes, take the days of May viticulture at Heredad Segura Viudas.

8 May 2013

April harmonies

The swallows have returned promptly at the Heredad in an image that is repeated cyclically for centuries but in contrast to the radical differences that may occur from one harvest to another.
When the memory of the 2012 drought is still very present, the sprouting of this year 2013 has been fast and vigorous fruit of more than 250 litres of rainfall accumulated to date.
The enthusiasm with which they faced this harvest let discover how to adapt the knowledge and skills of the winemakers facing disparate situations.

10 April 2013

March harmonies

The calmed rains have been the main protagonists of March. The accumulated water in the vineyard soil has give us the spectacle weeping of the vineyard while performed the last viticulture works of winter.
Everything is ready for the vine-sprouting period to start at the Heredad Segura Viudas.

2 March 2013

February harmonies

The winter has finished and we should get ready for when the strength of the spring wake up the vineyards. In February, the pruning of the xarel·lo old vines, where Creu de Lavit 2013 is it from, will focus our attention but we will not stop paying attention to the winter ploughing and the feeding places we have to help our birds to overcome the rigorous weeks of the year. The traditional viticulture and the preservation of biodiversity also will be complemented with the innovation that represents the barley and vetch sowing in the plot in front of the Heredad Segura Viudas. A sustainable strategy to control the force of the macabeo grape, this will be balanced at the time of harvest.

6 February 2013

2013 harvest begins

Welcome to a new season of Vineyard Diary. This year, we will follow in detail the harvest of the xarel·lo grape monitoring the development of the 30 hectares of old vines pruned in glass which will form the basis of the development of our single-variety white wine, Creu de Lavit 2013.
Join us on this exciting journey and discover the work and the secrets that will lead us to produce xarel·lo clusters more balanced for this great wine. Let’s start the trip!